Resource Management

How to effectively manage compute resources?
Resource Management - Infrastructure and Tooling


  • Running complex deep learning models poses a very practical resource management problem: how to give every team the tools they need to train their models without requiring them to operate their own infrastructure?
  • The most primitive approach is to use spreadsheets that allow people to reserve what resources they need to use.
  • The next approach is to utilize a SLURM Workload Manager, a free and open-source job scheduler for Linux and Unix-like kernels.
  • A very standard approach these days is to use Docker alongside Kubernetes.
    • Docker is a way to package up an entire dependency stack in a lighter-than-a-Virtual-Machine package.
    • Kubernetes is a way to run many Docker containers on top of a cluster.
  • The last option is to use open-source projects.
    • Using Kubeflow allows you to run model training jobs at scale on containers with the same scalability of container orchestration that comes with Kubernetes.
    • Polyaxon is a self-service multi-user system, taking care of scheduling and managing jobs in order to make the best use of available cluster resources.