Lukas Biewald (Weights & Biases)
Lukas is co-founder and CEO of Weights & Biases, an ML tooling company. He previously co-founded and led data labeling company Figure Eight (acquired by Appen).
Deep Learning In The Wild
    Machine Learning can be unpredictable and opaque.
    Deep Learning can be vulnerable to hacking.
    Machine Learning requires tons of clean training data.
    Deep Learning and GPUs break a lot of assumptions.
    Machine Learning can look at far more data than humans.
    The combination of humans and computers is powerful.
    What's coming?
      Better tools and platforms.
      More medical applications.
      New solutions to training data.
    How to (successfully) ship deep learning projects:
      Pay a lot of attention to your training data.
      Get something working end-to-end right away, then improve one thing at a time.
      Look for graceful ways to handle the inevitable cases where the algorithm fails.
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