Lukas Biewald (Weights & Biases)

Lukas is co-founder and CEO of Weights & Biases, an ML tooling company. He previously co-founded and led data labeling company Figure Eight (acquired by Appen).

  • Machine Learning can be unpredictable and opaque.

  • Deep Learning can be vulnerable to hacking.

  • Machine Learning requires tons of clean training data.

  • Deep Learning and GPUs break a lot of assumptions.

  • Machine Learning can look at far more data than humans.

  • The combination of humans and computers is powerful.

  • What's coming?

    • Better tools and platforms.

    • More medical applications.

    • New solutions to training data.

  • How to (successfully) ship deep learning projects:

    • Pay a lot of attention to your training data.

    • Get something working end-to-end right away, then improve one thing at a time.

    • Look for graceful ways to handle the inevitable cases where the algorithm fails.

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